Robotic Green Pad Printing Automation

Kent offer various types of automation equipment for pad printing and many other industrial purposes.

Scara Robots

Kent Scara robots come in as 4 or 6-axis for repetitive, high-volume production activities

Pick & Place Operations

Ideal for pick and place, stacker feeding operations


Robot PnP 144P-1114

Automatic Ink Viscosity Control (AVC)

Used in many of our pad printing systems, automatic viscosity control or AVC for short are fitted to Kent ink cups and helps regulate the viscosity of ink automatically during production

Precision Position Device

Our own line of linear servo shuttles provide accurate movement of parts/robot in a repeatable fashion automatically

Automatic CCD Camera Positioning

Vision system help position parts at high speeds repeatably and automatically


Robot Automation in Pad Printing 140P-0417
Robot Green PP Solution P157
Robot Green PP Solution P158
Unmanned Printing System 114P-1011
Surface Tension Testing Pen 036S-0204


Robot Automation for Pad Printing