Automation has revolutionized pad printing. It has evolved from an added value pick and place printer to a more sophisticated multi-axis robotic automated printing system. Kent is at the forefront of this development and has assembled a collection of green automation elements that work seamlessly together to provide solutions to an unlimited number of industries. We are pleased to deliver our latest automation innovations to inspire your product decoration.


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Green PP Automation

Master Robotic Automation

Robotic green PP solution

Robotic green PP solution

Unman printing system

Green Automation Features:

Scara robot (4-axis)
Kent 4-axis Scara robot is ideal for repetitive, high-volume pad printing activities. Seamlessly integrated to our automated systems, Scara robots speed up printing while freeing up human workers to focus on more complex tasks.

Scara robot

Scara robot


Robot (6-axis)
Kent 6-axis robot provides complete automation solution for pad printing and assembling.


Pick & Place Operations
Pick and place devices are great when you need to increases production at a low cost and save operator time.

Robot PnP


Automatic Ink Viscosity Control (AVC)
Used in many of our pad printing systems, automatic viscosity control or AVC for short are fitted to Kent ink cups and helps regulate the viscosity of ink automatically during production.


Precision Position Device
Our own line of linear servo shuttles provide accurate movement of parts/robot in a repeatable fashion automatically.


Automatic CCD Camera Positioning
Vision system help position parts at high speeds repeatably and automatically.