Our Vision

Our vision is to manufacture high-quality, innovative and greener printing solutions serving the various needs of the decorating industry and contributing to the development of a pollution-free printing environment.

Our History

For over 30 years Kent printing systems have been sold and used worldwide in a wide range of industries such as moldings, automotive, electronics, toys, and much more. We have designed several lines of printing systems; from simple single colour to more sophisticated multicolour offering the most comprehensive range of solutions in the market.

Kent has associated manufacturing, assembling and custom-built facilities in three different continents to satisfy customer demand for quality, value and reliable delivery. It has enabled us to produce over eighty percent of our machine parts and components in-house by some fifteen state-of-the-art CNC machines 24 hours a day.

Along with our superior manufacturing process goes our expert knowledge and professional staff. We have over 300 skillful workers always committed to bring new ideas and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Goal

Combine our expert knowledge and ongoing product development to produce the best green printing systems in the market.

Our Green Commitment

Kent understands the risks climate change presents and the opportunities that may lie in becoming part of the solution. Kent is continuously rethinking its production methods to reduce CO2 emissions and manufacture greener printing solutions. More details.

Our Awards

Kent is honored to be recognized by external organizations for achievements made both by the company and its exceptional individuals. More details.

Our Patents

Kent patents are being delivered to consumers on a regular basis showing the true value of our R&D department. More details.

Our Newsroom

Cath up on the latest product updates, news coverage, promotions, posts and videos and more. More details.