Ink cup systems

KENT offers a complete line of fully enclosed ink cup systems that integrates all of our pad printing machines. From green ink cup (G-cup) to long life metal ring ink cup, we make sure to offer all ink cup options to satisfy any printing requirements.

Green ink cup (G-Cup)
Kent new generation green ink cup systems use a disposable plastic insert (pat. pending) to contain the ink. They can be fitted with long life ceramic or metal rings. The rewards are priceless; a healthier working environment without the need to clean up the mess.


Green cup

Ceramic ring ink cup (CMIC)
The redesigned ceramic ring ink cups use new and improved ceramic rings. They provide high wear resistance, long life and great performance.




CMIC reconditioning

Metal ring ink cup (TCIC)
The metal ring ink cups use extra hard and durable metal rings. They provide extreme performance for long production runs and high pigmented ink.


Side-way ink cup (SCMIC)
The transverse closed ink cup systems can fit all Kent cups and are ideal for printing long and large images.


Printing plates

Pad printing plates or "clichés" are used to contain the desired artwork image etched on its surface. The quality of the plate will affect the quality of the print directly. Kent offer three different types of clichés: green laser, thin steel and thick steel.

Thin steel plates (0.25 mm)
Kent thin steel plates are smooth and hard finish carbon steel plates. They are hardened cold-roll to 0.25 mm and processed in house. Thin steel plates are recommended for medium to high volume printing.


Light box


Exposure unit

Thick steel plates (10 mm)
Kent thick steel plates are made of 10 mm oil-tamper or chromium steel. These hardened steel plates are processed in house and have a very long working life. They have been around for some time and are still being used today. Thick steel plates are recommended for very high volume printing.



Our huge selection of green antistatic printing pads function as a transfer vehicle, picking up ink from the printing plate, and transferring it to the part (substrate). Kent uses the highest quality silicon rubber grade in the market to mold the various pad shapes, and hardness required for all pad printing applications.



Inks & Solvents / Additives

Kent offers different lines of high-quality pad printing, screen and UV inks and other auxiliary agents such as solvents, retarders, hardeners, hard coating and additives for a wide variety of substrates.








Environment Formulations Ink 066S-1020


P208 Water Base Ink icon
Water Base Ink P208