MIK-5-V Ink Mixer

The ink mixer enables efficient mixing in a safe and enclosed working area. The design and controls guarantee effective mixing, long service and low maintenance work.

  • Simple and safe operation
  • Very short mixing time compare to turn-table mixers
  • No cleaning of the parts after mixing
  • No dust interruption during mixing
  • Emulsions, UV inks, binders, paste can be mixed very effectively
  • Variable speed control for low viscosity product
  • Mixing capacity:

    5 kgs max.

  • Mixing timer:

    1 - 10 min.

  • Max. clamp height:

    350 mm (dia. 250 mm)

  • Power:

    200/380V, 3PH, 50Hz, 0.75KW

  • Outer dimension:

    450 x 420 x 850 mm

  • Weight:

    70 KG

*Please note that actual output may be affected by print requirement, ink drying condition, load,unload arrangement, pad stroke speed, pad hardness, production setup, product quality and production control.

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