Monitor Ink Viscosity Consistently
Ink Viscosity Tester

In any printing, accurate ink viscosity is essential to achieve best quality prints. The KVST PLUS helps monitor the ink viscosity consistently through out production.

  • User-friendly: simple sequence
  • Digital reading
  • Build-in ink mixing mode
  • Stainless test probe, easy to clean
  • Steady & solid granite stone base for fine, precise measurement
  • Durable stainless body
  • Programmable colour shade
  • Built-in 9 colour selections
  • Size (LxWxH)

    430 x 255 x 700 mm

  • Weight

    30.5 kg

  • Voltage

    110/220V 50/60 Hz 5W

  • Measuring value :

    0.1 - 10 (P) or 1,600 - 2,900 (VS)

*Please note that actual output may be affected by print requirement, ink drying condition, load,unload arrangement, pad stroke speed, pad hardness, production setup, product quality and production control.

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